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gr8trafficsites has written this Privacy Statement to state our firm commitment to protecting our Customer’s privacy. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for our Web site:

gr8trafficsites, is committed to protecting our customers’ privacy. We will not sell, trade or rent a customer’s personal information to others. Only gr8trafficsites uses information that is provided by our customers or gathered via our web site to communicate product, release, and or general company information.

Our order environment features several widely accepted and endorsed security methods to ensure that transactions, ordering and fulfillment are safe, and that all exchanges of information remain confidential. Your credit cards and checks are processed through separate merchant services vendors.

Authorization Forms

Our web site’s authorization forms require users to give us contact information (like your name, email, and postal address), and demographic information (like your zip code). A Social Security Number or a Company Tax Identification number is required for tax reporting and credit checks.

Contact information from the authorization forms is used to complete your order and to get in touch with you when necessary.

Demographic and profile data is also collected at our site. We use this data to tailor our visitor’s experience at our site showing them content that we think they might be interested in, and displaying the content according to their preferences.

Order Forms

Our site uses an order form for customers to request information, products and services. We collect visitor’s contact information (their email addresses), and credit card numbers to complete orders. Cognigen Networks, Inc. and the Vendor providing your service are the only companies retaining your information. Financial information that is collected is used to bill the user for products and services.

The information that we collect from you is not shared with any other company or mailing list. When we get your information from our order forms, only a select number of people are allowed access to the data. gr8trafficsites, Inc. and its vendor’s Customer Service staffs view and complete your order. All credit card information is maintained in a secure, offline, database that is not accessible over dial up or Internet links.

Customers have the option to phone, email or fax their confidential information by contacting us using the address information at the end of this form. If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, Authorization or Order forms, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site

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Website TrafficPromote and build your site with our free resources. All of our resources are free. If you have a free resource for promotion purposes be sure to send it to us to review for inclusion at our site. We want to build the most comprehensive site of free promotion resources available. We reserve the right to reject any URL.

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Web traffic / Traffic Exchange / Auto/Manual Surfing

Website Promotion or Internet Marketing is the process of bringing more traffic to your website. This result can be achieved in many different ways. One of the most popular Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the ranking of your website in the search engines. Other popular methods include: Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and many others. This website provides Website Promotion tips and resources to help you acheive your Internet marketing goals.!
Web traffic is measured to see the popularity of web sites and individual pages or sections within a site. Web traffic can be analyzed by viewing the traffic statistics found in the web server log file, an automatically generated list of all the pages served. A hit is generated when any file is served. The page itself is considered a file, but images are also files, thus a page with 5 images could generate 6 hits (the 5 images and the page itself). A page view is generated when a visitor requests any page within the web site – a visitor will always generate at least one page view (the main page) but could generate many more. Tracking applications external to the web site can record traffic by inserting a small piece of HTML code in every page of the web site.[2] Web traffic is also sometimes measured by packet sniffing and thus gaining random samples of traffic data from which to extrapolate information about web traffic as a whole across total Internet usage. The following types of information are often collated when monitoring web traffic: The number of visitors. The average number of page views per visitor – a high number would indicate that the average visitors go deep inside the site, possibly because they like it or find it useful. Average visit duration – the total length of a user's visit. As a rule the more time they spend the more they're interested in your company and are more prone to contact. Average page duration – how long a page is viewed for. The more pages viewed, the better it is for your company. Domain classes – all levels of the IP Addressing information required to deliver Webpages and content. Busy times – the most popular viewing time of the site would show when would be the best time to do promotional campaigns and when would be the most ideal to perform maintenance Most requested pages – the most popular pages Most requested entry pages – the entry page is the first page viewed by a visitor and shows which are the pages most attracting visitors Most requested exit pages – the most requested exit pages could help find bad pages, broken links or the exit pages may have a popular external link Top paths – a path is the sequence of pages viewed by visitors from entry to exit, with the top paths identifying the way most customers go through the site Referrers; The host can track the (apparent) source of the links and determine which sites are generating the most traffic for a particular page. Web sites like Alexa Internet produce traffic rankings and statistics based on those people who access the sites while using the Alexa toolbar. The difficulty with this is that it's not looking at the complete traffic picture for a site. Large sites usually hire the services of companies like Nielsen NetRatings, but their reports are available only by subscription.

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